Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eight Tragic Seconds: Wolfgang von Trips at Monza


  1. How will you integrate this in the book?
    Would Kindle have a link?

  2. I never knew that
    a) Von Trips was killed in almost the exact spot where Rindt would die in 1970.
    b) that so many spectators were killed! How horrible!

  3. Anonymous: Interesting question regarding Kindle. I understand that the first e-books with video imbedded are just now coming out. So yes, I guess it's a real possibility. We'll find out, I guess, when this book come out next year.

  4. Automobiliac: It was the worst racing tragedy of the time after the horrible horrible Le Mans race of 1955. There were calls to ban racing altogether, and the Vatican went after Ferrari.

  5. I think it would be smarter to let the dead sleep quietly.
    It goes back 50 years to soon.
    Why do you stir this tragedy?
    If it is to make money, it's shameful!

  6. In 1961, at age 15, Count Wolfgang was my favorite driver, for my favorite car, Ferrari. In the last race of 1961, I was devastated by his death at Monza, and blamed Jim Clark for years. When we had my first child in 1968 (I was in Vietnam), I wanted to name him Wolfgang, but my wife, at home, thought otherwise.