Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wolfgang von Trips at Monaco

 Wolfgang von Trips (above) never joined the lead pack at the Monaco Grand Prix of 1961. A faltering battery reduced his revs, causing him to miss a gearshift and smack into a guardrail at Mirabeau, a hairpin leading down to the tunnel. He was awarded fourth place, even though he didn't finish the race. Why? What was the provision that allowed him to be ranked fourth?


  1. Politics at work :)

  2. Dan Gurney's down in fifth place, two laps behind the leaders, failed to unlap himself on von Trips before being shown the chequered flag. Had the race gone on for one more lap he would have doubtless relegated von Trips down to fifth but as it was, both completed 98 laps and the German was the first to do so.