Thursday, December 9, 2010

The First Formula 1: Silverstone 1950

In May of 1950 Phil Hill broke from his training sessions in mechanics at Jaguar to attend the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the first ever Formula One race. The scene was made more spendid by the royalty seated in a special box. Queen Elizabeth and George VI came to see Nino Farina take the first of three Grands Prix on his way to winning the 1950 championship for Alfa Romeo. It has been reported that this was the first and only time a monarch has attended a British motor race. Could that be true?


  1. This info is on the official Silverstone website, so I would trust it as the truth. Considering that there has only been one monarch in this time period -Elizabeth- maybe she decided after the first time that motor racing was a bore.

  2. But this is not 1950' Silverstone GP :)