Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Were the British GP Tracks Too Boring?

Shown above is the start of the 1961 British Grand Prix at Aintree. It was a flat, featureless track that ran parallel to a steeplechase course. I've heard that British law forbade the use of public roads and British GP was therefore confined to closed circuits like Aintree and Silverstone. True?


  1. The part about no use of public roads was definitely true. I disagree with the idea of British circuits being boring though. I have never heard a driver of the period describe them as such. Silverstone was blindingly fast, and Goodwood is very challenging. Brands Hatch and Donnington Park are anything but featureless, with major undulations.

  2. The part about no use of public roads is not strictly true, as it requires an act of parliament to allow the roads to be closed for such an event. There's no indication that parliament would be opposed, and indeed they did pass a bill to allow the Birmingham Superprix in the late 1980's (principally an F3000 event.)